Compleat Female Stage Beauty

Exploring restoration England as female actors finally take the stage. This historical fiction follows Mr. Kynaston as he is dethroned and his journey back to the stage. The approach that we took was modern players performing  a historical piece. This took us into the concept of creating the world of the play through the creation of a modern production. We started the play by building the world from the ground up flying our lines in, work light look, and actors not in period costumes and ended it by restoring to this raw state. With the approach we took we were allowing ourselves to bend period and have saturation, spotlights, and more control over the lighting rather than having the design limited by recreating the look of the actual period theaters lighting. It was performed at the University of Minnesota Duluth on the main stage in 2013.

Directed By: Kate Ufema
Stage Manager: Mackenzie McCullum
Scenic Design: Topaz Cooks
Technical Director: Scott Boyle
Costume Design: Kathleen Martin
Lighting Design: Dylan Lee
Sound Design: Jake Davis