Romeo and Juliet – A Daft Punk Ballet

Romeo and Juliet - A Daft Punk Ballet

Photo Credit Amy Nguyen

The brainchild of Colleen Dunleap from her UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) at the University of Minnesota Duluth the previous year. This piece mashed the classic story of Romeo and Juliet through the art of ballet set to the contemporary soundtrack of Tron Legacy. Working on this gave me the opportunity to work with manipulating given music through a space. Movement of the music was a main focus of this design. Movement started with a sampler of Daft Punk’s work in the pre show. Using notable segments from songs and having them in different areas of the space while selectively moving them I was able to get selective movement into the core of the pre show. A fun side project with this show was using MIDI commands from QLab to execute the lights. With this we were able to only have one operator. The lighting designer, Paul Blakely, and myself decided this would be the best approach early on so that we could achieve spot on cuing in more intricate parts of the show. It was produced by Stage 2 Theatre a student run company based in Duluth MN.

Directed By: Colleen Dunleap
Stage Manager: Vivian Otoo
Technical Director: Matt Dufault
Costume Design: Jenna Houck
Sound Design: Dylan Lee
Lighting Design: Paul Blakely